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Dear Friends Welcome to the new Education catalogue from RP Education, including our key publications and resources designed to help your school strive for success. Highlights include the new book from bestselling author Raymond Friel, Gospel Values for Catholic Schools . We’ve received some glowing reviews and we believe this will become an essential text for teachers and aspiring leaders of Catholic schools. Key resources such as our unique primary homework diaries and secondary school planners have helped many schools across the country. With editions for both Catholic and other faith schools these diaries will reinforce the religious identity of your school, helping your students to put their faith into practice. We offer customisation and a free design service, so you can create your own diary to suit the needs of your school. See pages 4 and 10 for more information. Our customer research tells us that making space for calm moments of reflection and meditation is increasingly necessary in schools, so don’t forget our prayer and meditation resources on pages 16-17. This is just a flavour of our educational resources for faith schools. Please visit our website for the full range or speak to our friendly customer care team. Happy browsing,

Udish Dissanayake MSc, BA Hons Education Advisor

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